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Joe at wrote in response to my International Ozone Day post: “I didn’t know this was today. Last night, I watched Known Universe, a National Graphic TV series on Hulu. In one of the episodes, a scientists dipped a basketball into a bucket of water, took out the basketball, and the resulting water dripping from the basketball was analogous to the thinness of Earth’s atmosphere. It was a shocking analogy, one of those things where you appreciate our precarious existence. We are truly living in a “Goldilocks zone”. Sometimes you just have to wonder how one thing goes wrong and that’s it: our atmosphere gets sucked into space, our oceans are poisoned, an asteroid crashes into the planet. It’s said that our planet is resilient, and I believe it. But I also believe that it is delicate. And I also believe that such a precarious balance can ultimately only be held together by a divine force, by God, and that it is our responsibility to help that force keep things together.”
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