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I am currently on the job market and became interested in some of the different climate change divisions oil companies have adopted. Unfortunately, I haven't seen many job openings that employ people with previous climate specialized work. Are we seeing a downward trend of these hires (if there were any..) or is the work just being outsourced to other groups. Wondering where I should look for these kind of jobs in the oil and gas sector.

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Hey Anon, There are a lot of jobs. Networking (like this) certainly helps. I’d check out environmental compliance, EHS, and maybe geology and soil testing jobs in the O&G sector. Also, check out They have a good directory of O&G cos that you can research. Good luck! Michael

Video: Decline of very old ice in the Arctic, 1987-2013.

Usually, the Iditarod dogsled race in Alaska is a snow-packed spectacle. This year, not so much. Check out more pics of the doggies and bare ground dilemma, here.

Big problem with Iditarod: Plenty of mushers, sleds, but no snow
'We Need To Elevate the Environment in Everything We Do'

The Yale Climate Forum video wall is an excellent source of climate change science information. All videos are easy to understand, and sourced to scientists and experts. Check it out, here.

The Science of Why We Don't Believe Science

TL;DNR, but looks interesting.

Here's how to become the ultimate Tumblr power user

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5) The tag limit

This Tumblr rule is hard and fast: Only the first five tags in a post are searchable. That means that only the first five tags will show up for a user who’s trying to browse or track tags on Tumblr. If you want people outside your dash to see your post about figure skating during the Olympics, you need to make sure that “figure skating” is one of the firstfive tags you use in your post.

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Maybe one day soon Tumblr will list the “first five tags only” rule, but for now, we’re stuck with it. Learn to navigate it—or else be constantly confused about why your favorite posts aren’t showing up under tag searches.

Also, you can post by email! Gahhhhhh!

Climate Study: Rising Seas Could Wipe Out Many Cultural Landmarks

Back at UMass-Amherst, my advisers asked me to create a sea-level rise vulnerability assessment of lighthouses along the coasts of Maine and Massachusetts. The idea was to create a method to integrate adaptation techniques into cultural heritage protection policies in New England. Pretty interesting concept. Especially since so much history and so many landmarks are located along coastlines. Instead, I did a study of the first tax-payer funded adaptation plan in the world in a tiny city in Denmark.

Study: Eastern chickadee populations moving fast in response to global warming

I like the idea that climate change will create new species through hybrids.

I caught this Ice-block slide on frozen river, downtown Astana.Borscht soup with every meal. Epic tacky.Everyone wears fur. President billboarded everywhere. Me and a co-worker. Space beach. Rusty boat on frozen lake. Borovoe, KZ.Out for a chat in -20c.

Just back from Kazakhstan. It was a very dangerous -30c (-22f below zero). We (USAID) and the UNDP run a Climate Resilient Wheat program(PDF) for the KZ government. Here are some non-work pics…:)