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Canada. Now.


Even Galapagos tortoises enjoy watermelon in the summer. Watch the full video.

Pretty harsh article on Miami’s situation with sea level rise. Miami actually has a lot of control over its own population growth and zoning laws. Mayor Stoddard may be right about his state’s politicians, but he’s just as culpable by allowing rapid development.

Will this make a difference?

That escalated quickly.

Climate change poses a direct threat to the infrastructure of America that we need to stay competitive in this 21st-century economy. That means that we should see this as an opportunity to do what we should be doing anyway, and that’s modernizing our infrastructure, modernizing our roads, modernizing our bridges, power grids, our transit systems, and making sure that they’re more resilient. That’s going to be good for commerce and it’s obviously going to be good for communities.
–– President Obama, delivering remarks at the Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience Meeting, July 16, 2014


A double rainbow lights up spectacular scenery in Kirkjufell, Iceland. Picture: Peter Rolf Hammer/HotSpot Media (via Pictures of the day: 4 June 2014 - Telegraph)

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Incredible freak hail storm in Novosibirsk, Russia. It gets worse every second.


How Big Is The Solar System?

This guy from Discovery is a bad mofo. Check out the above ‘splainer on Voyager 1. Epic.

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Looking for owner of photo that you have posted with article of the Beach nourishment in Ocean City, New Jersey. Water Science and Technology Board of the National Academies would like to use it in a publication. Looking for copyright permission. URGENT
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Come along as we tour an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico.

Nearly a quarter of the crude oil produced in the U.S. comes from the Gulf, according to the Energy Information Administration ( But while you can often drive by an on-shore drilling rig in Texas or North Dakota few of us ever have a chance to see a drilling operation in the Gulf.

Tomorrow Shell is offering NPR and its audience a rare, up-close look at its Olympus drilling rig and platform (pictured above). It’s located about 130 miles south of New Orleans in water that’s about a half-mile deep.

Shell uses helicopters to transport crews out into the Gulf—it’s about an hour ride there. The company requires that all passengers on the helicopter have HUET certification. HUET stands for Helicopter Underwater Egress Training. Essentially the class teaches you what to do if there’s a problem and the aircraft has to “ditch” into the water. Sounds exciting, huh? More on that later.

photo credit: Shell

Looks interesting. No link to NPR, so stay tuned?


Philippine Tarsier | Hans Van Kerckhoven

Note the tail! Wikipedia has an excellent article on these little beasties… They’re the smallest primates and weigh the same as a candy bar.

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