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Killing of Environmental Activists Rises Globally

Interesting that the investigators found that “authorities and security forces” (e.g., government) are complicit. I wonder how they found this information (or if they assumed it)?Anyone have this report? If so, can you kindly send it to me?


Lady the osprey lays 69th egg at Perthshire reserve

A veteran breeding osprey has laid her 69th egg at a Perthshire nature reserve. Lady the osprey returned to Loch of the Lowes for the 24th consecutive year, having reared 50 chicks there in the past. And staff at the centre confirmed that she laid her first egg of the season early on Sunday morning.

The 29-year-old female is thought to be the oldest breeding raptor in the world. An update on the centre’s osprey blog welcomed the “wonderful news” of the latest egg. It read: “At around 00:30 our nightwatch staff noticed classic egg-laying behaviour, and at 00:47 the female stood up to reveal her new egg.

“It is just as well the birds have built such a deep, snug cup in the centre of the nest as it was so windy last night, the whole nest was rocking.

“The staff and volunteers here are over the moon, and we are so relieved that our beloved female is still breeding at her advanced age.”

(via BBC News)

Growth for Growth's Sake Will Kill Us All?   

Thought provoking piece by Al Jazeera guest writer questions the limits of perpetual economic growth. What do you think?

Aggressive growth is impossible ecologically and implausible economically. We need economic strategies at the local, state and national levels that prioritize community benefit over corporate gain, and which presume a need for local resiliency instead of depending on uncontrolled growth. We also need to develop new strategies to democratize wealth in the face of extreme inequality.

Like the programs developed in “the state and local laboratories of democracy” that led to the New Deal, numerous experiments percolating across the country in the “new economy” — building cooperative and community-owned businesses, developing locally focused supply chains at a municipal and regional level, building new forms for public ownership of essential services like banking and power generation — may just point the way.

The end of growth poses a long-term systemic challenge, and such explorations suggest that a new direction may be quietly being explored in the midst of economic and ecological degradation. It is a direction that is likely to accelerate as economic and social pain of the decaying economic system continues to force Americans to explore solutions that take us beyond the tired nostrums of the past.”

Gar Alperovitz is a professor of political economy at the University of Maryland and a founder of the Democracy Collaborative. He is the author of “What Then Must We Do?: Straight Talk about the Next American Revolution.”

Early springs surprise many species

Spring has arrived earlier throughout the world (with the exception of North America).

Spring is arriving earlier – maybe not this year for North America, but the trend is clear. This is not welcome news for Arctic creatures or the roe deer of France. And it could be awkward for flower festival organizers as well.

USAID's Climate-Resilient Development Framework

This is the core document from my USAID contract. Took us three years to write this! We’ve implemented the framework in over 30 countries on dozens of projects. The USAID Global Climate Change office will hold a webinar today at 4pm. Space is limited, but I’ll post the stream this Friday.

USAID’s Climate-Resilient Development Framework (2014) offers a simple yet robust five-stage approach to help decision-makers and development practitioners at all levels systematically assess climate-related risks and prioritize actions that promote climate-resilient development.

Developed by USAID’s Global Climate Change Office, this “development-first” approach helps decision-makers and practitioners integrate climate considerations directly into development activities across multiple sectors, keeping the focus on achieving development goals despite a changing climate. 

Working with USAID missions, governments, and other stakeholders, the framework has been used in Barbados, Jamaica, Nepal, Peru, the Philippines, St. Lucia, Tanzania, and West Africa.


How Christmas Island protects red crabs during their annual migration: overpasses, underpasses, and a lot of people raking them off the roads.

Not clever infrastructure that deals with a nuisance, it’s a community support system for unique natural resource. This is how towns and national governments can work together to live with nature.

Evangelical Christians reconsider denying climate change

One of the roadblocks to climate change becoming a nonpartisan issue, and to opening up more ears to the science … is the evangelical community’s lack of strong hierarchical leadership. There are influential people like Cizik, but unlike with other faith traditions, there is no pope, archbishop or other central figure that everyone can look to.

"We have this leadership vacuum that I think has been filled with conservatives who aren’t necessarily Christian. People get their opinions from AM talk radio, or from Fox News," Hayhoe told HuffPost.

"This is also a generational issue. If you talk to the average 20- or 30-year-old, you might get a very different perspective," she added.

Anna Jane Joyner and her father, Rick Joyner, an evangelical megachurch preacher, exemplify that age gap.

Via HuffPo (Forgive me readers, this is a rare time I link to HuffPo!)

Living on Earth: Maple Syrup and Climate Change
Obama admin sued for dragging feet on studies of climate impacts

Clever, but I don’t think the CEQ has authority to enforce a NEPA regulation. Any 2Ls out there?

Obama administration to agencies: Make your scientific research open source
The Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) hereby directs each Federal agency with over $100 million in annual conduct of research and development expenditures to develop a plan to support increased public access to the results of research funded by the Federal Government.
This includes any results published in peer-reviewed scholarly publications that are based on research that directly arises from Federal funds, as defined in relevant OMB circulars (e.g., A-21and A-11). It is preferred that agencies work together, where appropriate, to develop these plans.
We're hiring! Several positions with USAID!

Readers, we’re hiring. See the list below. Important: on this round of hiring, these are mid-career to senior-level jobs (7-10+ years international experience). So, no students, no internships, no recent grads (sorry!).

We implement projects for USAID, primarily on environmental contracts in developing countries around the world.

Contact me if you find a position that you think you qualify for. I can help. I can not reply if you fail to research the position first. You have to do the leg work before contacting me. So, read the job descriptions; if you think you qualify, only then contact me asap.

You can view our openings on our career page by searching keyword “USAID” here:

 Home office positions:

 Business Development Associate-

Senior Proposal Writer -,-usaid-proposal-development/job

Proposal Manager -,-international-development/job

Contracts Manager (2 openings) -,-usaid-contracts-management/job

BD Manager, EEM -,-energy-and-environmental-management-(eem)/job

BD Manager R&R -,-relief-and-reconstruction/job

Practice Area Team Lead Water - Sr. Water Specialist -,-environment-and-natural-resources/job

Practice Area Team Lead Agriculture and Food Security -—-agricultural-enterprise-and-food-security/job

Sr Associate, Agriculture Value Chains -—-agriculture-value-chains/job

 Project based openings:

Contract Manager Pakistan PDP -,-pakistan-power-distribution-program/job

DCOP, B-LEADERS, Philipines -—-philippines/job

Frameweb Knowledge Management Specialist -,-frameweb-community-manager/job

 Proposal/Contingent Openings:

M&E/ Comms Director, Rwanda -

Energy Trading Policy Expert -

Chief of Party, Pakistan CAP -—-pakistan-commercial-agriculture/job

Chief of Party, Citizen Security Program-—-citizen-security-program/job

Chief of Party, OTI-,-usaid-office-of-transition-initiatives/job

Chief of Party, Timor Leste-—-timor-leste/job

Chief of Party, Haiti Feed the Future -—-haiti-feed-the-future/job

Information Unit Manager -

Procurement Specialist, Costa Rica -,-costa-rica/job

Pakistan Ag Senior Technical Expert -

Evaluation Team Lead  KG-Bishkek -—-ppl-ler/job

Jordan Tourism (COP) JO-[City] -—-chief-of-party-(cop)/job

What is your personal opinion on The Nature Conservancy? Seems like an ideal environmental non-profit to work for.

A question by Anonymous

Hey Anon,

TNC has a great reputation. They have high-turn over though, so they act more as a stepping stone for experienced and mid-level environmental careerists (any readers at TNC? Is this perspective accurate??). I’m also not clear on how successful they are at meeting their mission or campaign goals - though I’m sure this information is readily available on their website.



This is the biggest scientific climate change report in all of history. Ever." - Mr. Michel Jarraud World Meteorological Organization

IPCC releases its report on climate impacts. Streaming live now. Here.